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Pinalove Review

Today I will provide a comprehensive review of the dating site or pina love as it is more commonly referred to.

First things first, I like to see how old the site actually is using the WHOIS record to see when the domain was first registered, while this is never fool proof, sites which have been around longer tend to be more trustworthy than ones which were just created last week.

The domain was registered back in 2010, making the site 10 years old at the time of writing, now it could have changed hands a few times since then, but considering it’s a short, fairly solid domain which describes what it does, I doubt the original owner would have let it go without a fight.

The name 'Pinalove', if you were wondering is an abbreviation of Filipina Love. Filipino is the Hispanized way of referring to both the people and language of the Philippines. Hence ‘Pinalove’ means a love for the people of the Philippines.

Before I start the actual review I’ll give you a little bit of background on the Philippines. It is archipelagic country in Southeast Asia made up of over 7,600 islands, but most people will have heard of the capital Manila and one of the larger islands Cebu.

There is even a dating site just for the island of Cebu called Cebuana dating, which I will review in another post.

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, once said during an interview that he had thrown a man out of a helicopter and would do it again!

The Spanish colonized the country between 1565-1898, then 1898-1946 saw the period where it became a U.S. territory.

This history means that while Tagalog and Filipino are native languages, English is widely spoken.

After the Philippines became a U.S. colony in 1898, the U.S. implemented an American nursing programs in the Philippines. Becoming a nurse and working abroad remained popular in the Philippines which is why you see so many Filipino nurses in the USA, and in healthcare around the world today.

Because of the history between the Philippines, Europe and America going back centuries and the mixing of cultures and languages, filipinas dating foreigners and westerners dating Filipinas has always been popular.

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people with over 10 million living abroad in over 100 countries!

Site Design

My first impression of the site was that it looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2010 and reminds me a bit of when I first had a Myspace account!

But never judge a book by its cover! Lots of dating sites invest heavily in flashy designs and functions, but fail to actually have any members, and that is probably one of the most important things!

And don’t forget that The Apollo Guidance Computer landed men on the moon with just 4KB of RAM and a 32KB hard disk!

To register on Pinalove is free and follows a familiar format where you select your gender and age, and then the gender and age range of who you are looking to meet. There are a few more options to fill out like your height, weight and if you have or want children which I think gives it a bit more credibility; if they just wanted to take your money it would be name, age, credit card number!

As I selected that I’m interested in females I was greeted with a screen full of female profiles in the age range I selected. On first impressions it looked pretty good, some very attractive women and some just average which I think is a good sign.

The photo qualities varied, some were in HD, and some were obviously taken with a low range smartphone, which is expected considering the Philippines is a poor country, not everyone has the latest iPhone.

If all the woman on a dating site look like supermodels, then they are probably fake profiles. But the profiles on Pinalove do look genuine, with a mixture of size and shapes, like you would expect to see women out in public.

Site Functions

The functions on the site are pretty basic with a simple browse/search and filter by age, height, weight, education and if they have children.

There is also a ‘Play’ tab which is basically like Tinder red and green ‘Like’ and ‘Hide’ options.

There is a ‘Mail’ tab where you can read and respond to messages.

There is a ‘List’ tab which where you can see statistics such as ‘Visited me’, ‘Interested in me’ ‘Favourited me’, ‘My Visits’, ‘My Favourites’, and a few other useful options.

Overall the functions are quite simple, if you just want to search for someone quickly, view their profile and send them a message, then you will probably like the layout of Pinalove.

If you are used to or eHarmony then you might find it a bit basic.

There is an App version of PinaLove available for both iPhone and Android.

Site Users

As mentioned above, the users on the site do seem genuine and are looking to meet (mostly) westerners. During the research for this review I did read on a few forums and message boards that people had come across some pinalove scammers.

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere online, and dating is no different. But I don’t believe there are more scammers on pina love than any other dating site.  There will always be a few people using the site to promote webcams and other such things, and not looking to date - just block and ignore them.

The Philipines is a Christian country and over 90% of the population identify as Christian, and the women on filipino dating sites are genuinely looking to meet someone for a serious relationship and are not there to scam people like on many other dating sites around the world. 

And Filipinas have even beeen voted one of the most attractive nationalities in the world!

Real or Fake Profiles

Overall, the profiles on the site all looked real without any fake profiles. But you should always be cautious when using international dating sites and be wary if users are keen to move the conversation off the site to WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, email or any other messaging services.

There will of course always be a few scammers on every dating site which you should just block and ignore if they start asking for money or other details such as passwords.

When using online dating you must just use your common sense and judgement.  Don’t ever send money to someone you met on the internet or a dating site before you have met them in person.

Site Costs

You can use the site for free and view profiles and send a limited amount of message per day with a free account, I think it is limited to 10 messages a day, but this is not overly clear. To send unlimited messages and unlock a number of other features you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

The prices are as follows.

  • $24.95 /Month
  • $49.95/3 Months (33% Discount)
  • $69.95/6 Months (53% Discount)
  • $119.95/1 Year ($9.99/month)


Overall, the site has a basic, slightly outdated design. But this might suit some users who find a million and one options and functions confusing. The users on the site all seem real and genuine without any fake profiles.

The site offers a freemium service where it is free to use to view profiles and send a limited number of messages per day. If you want to send an unlimited number of messages and use all the function then you will need to upgrade to a paid membership. In summary, the site is basic, but if you are looking to meet a young lady or woman from the Philippines for dating or marriage, then you should visit Pinalove as it is free to browse profiles and send messages.

Site Tageline

PinaLove is a Filipina Dating Site with over a million members. Find friends or love in the Philippines with genuine Filipina girls.

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