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What Does The Tinder Secret Admirer Notification Really Mean?

What Does The Tinder Secret Admirer Notification Really Mean?

What Does The Tinder Secret Admirer Notification Really Mean?
May 10, 2021

Have you received a “You have a secret admirer” notification? Then you are not alone. A number of Tinder users have been reporting the new push notification. Read on to find out what the notification means and whether you really do have a secret admirer.

What Is The Tinder Secret Admirer Notification?

If you have been using Tinder recently then you may have received a push notification stating that “You have a secret admirer.” Most people who get the notification haven’t been using Tinder recently. It would seem likely that the notification is used by Tinder to bring users back to the app.

Can People Choose To “Secret Admire” Another Tinder User?

The short answer is no.There does not appear to be a specific option that you can use to “secretly admire” someone on Tinder.

It is possible that the feature is being released to a very select group of Tinder users.

Apps will sometimes test out new features on a small number of users before releasing them to all users. However, in the case of the “Secret Admirer” notification this appears to be unlikely. There is no reports of anyone being given the option to secret admire another user.

Is Secret Admirer Like “Super Like”?

Super like is a feature on Tinder which lets you tell someone that you like them before they decide whether to swipe right or left. You can “Super Like” someone by swiping upwards. If you are a normal Tinder user you can “Super Like” one other person a day. If you have Tinder Plus then you can “Super Like” up to five other people a day. It doesn’t appear that “Secret Admire” is a similar feature to “Super Like”. Instead it is likely more similar to other push notifications that Tinder has sent out in the past.

How Tinder Uses Push Notifications

In the past Tinder has been good at not sending their users too many push notifications. One other example of the type of notifications that Tinder has sent out is the “3x chance of a higher match”. These push notification was sent out to users during the New Year period. It told users that they now had a 2x or 3x higher chance of getting a match in their area. The CEO of Tinder Sean Rad explained that the notification was sent out when there was a higher level of engagement on Tinder. During these periods it was easier for Tinder users to get a match. The company said it wanted to alert its users that now was a good time for them to be using Tinder.

Is “Secret Admirer” A Self Fulfilling Prophecy

One of the comments that has been made about Tinder’s push notifications is that they are a self fulfilling prophecy. If people are told that they are more likely to get a match on Tinder, then they are more likely to use it. In turn, if they use it more frequently, then they will generally get more matches. The same principle might apply with the “Secret Admirer” notification. If users return to Tinder because they have received the notification, then they may be more likely to discover that they have a secret admirer. In both cases the notification do become a self fulfilling prophecy if they are followed up with.


The “Secret Admirer” appears to be a notification that is sent to users based on Tinder’s own analytics. There is no “secret admirer” option that another user can select. In short this means that if you have received the notification Tinder does likely have data to suggest that you are more likely to make a connection with someone. Unfortunately it doesn’t mean that someone has specifically chosen to become your secret admirer.