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What Does "Active Within" Mean In Online Dating?

What Does "Active Within" Mean In Online Dating?

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May 9, 2021

If you are new to online dating, you may be wondering what “Active within” means for your online dating experience.  “Active within X amount of time”  just means when the last time the person logged into the dating site. 

So if it is Wednesday and it says “Active within one day” that means that they logged in sometime between today and yesterday at the same time of day.  This information can be used in several ways in the world of online dating.

For example, most online dating sites have a feature that shows how long a member is active within in online dating. There are many different ways that each site displays this information, but what it boils down to, is that each member can look around to determine when someone was last logged in.

What sites have “Active Within”?

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular, free online dating sites out there. You have the ability to instant message potential dates, as well as check to see if they read your emails or when they were last online.

In fact, this site sorts your emails based on when the member checked in last. In addition to that, members are able to view who is checking them out and whether or not an individual wants to meet them., OKcupid and many other online dating sites all have the Active within feature, and some even allow you to screen for members who have been active lately.

Since people forget about their profiles when they are not dating, this is a good way to find out who is really looking and who is not.

How is Active within used by dating site users?

This tool is used for many different purposes, such as connecting members that are online at the same time; allowing other members to browse for people to chat with.

The members that troll will follow other users to determine how often another user is online or the best time to attempt to communicate with the member. It can also be used to see if someone plans to respond to you.

If you messaged them, then later see that they have been active since your message, it is most likely that they will not message back and are that you are not their type for whatever reason.


How is active within used by people who are communicating or dating?

After members have been exchanging messages with or dating  one another and time has elapsed, some sticky questions begin that relate to “Active within” data.

Examples would include, if one should take down their profile, signs that a user is avoiding another one or not interested and the biggest one, wanting to know if the person you’re dating is seeing others.

When couples decide to become exclusive early in the relationship, other factors come into play that may bring out abnormal behaviors. Despite being exclusive, some couples may fail to take down their profiles.

This can cause insecurities within the relationship. To avoid this, the discussion of when to take down profiles should be established. Whenever profiles remain posted online, it causes individuals to constantly check and spy on their mates to determine if they are still browsing or keeping their options open.

Dating books like Not Your Mother’s Rules, recommend not taking your profile down if you are a woman, until the man does and asks you to be exclusive. This keeps them from feeling like you are more serious than they are.

If you are avoiding someone that you are not interested in or that is stalking you, some sites have a method where you can block a member.

When you involve yourself in the world of online dating, you should prepare yourself to experience devastating heartache as well as joyful bliss. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. It’s like setting your expectations high, to avoid disappointments.

There are tips, rules and guidelines, that will assist you along the way, however every situation is different. Therefore you can’t always rely on what someone else goes through as far as he likes me, he likes me not.

However, don’t be discouraged since a lot of marriages are instigated by online dating and the matches are usually very good.